Foods that stimulate the brain

Foods that stimulate the brain

 Foods that stimulate the brain

The dietary pattern that we follow is reflected in the vital organs of the body, especially the performance of the brain, as it is reflected in our daily nutritional and psychological behavior.


And Dr. Kristina Plotnikova, a Russian nutrition expert, revealed that the human brain bears a large burden daily, especially when dealing with information. Therefore, due to excessive effort, it can cause a “malfunction” in its work, indicating that the brain needs a number of foods that contribute to stimulating its proper functioning.

Nutrients that stimulate the brain

1- broccoli

The expert points out that this nutrient is essential for the brain. Because all types of cabbage are high in vitamins and easily absorbed vegetable proteins. Moreover, broccoli contains bromine, which improves the functioning of the brain. It also contains vitamin C, which strengthens blood vessels. Therefore, it is recommended to eat up to 70 grams of it daily. According to Russia Today.

2- Walnut

She says: "Walnuts also stimulate the work of the brain. In addition, all types of nuts have nutritional value and health benefits. But walnuts help improve memory, because they contain lecithin, which activates memory processes in the brain. Therefore, it is recommended to eat 3-4 medium grains." volume per day.

3- salmon

All fatty fish positively affect the body. But salmon contains omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which help stabilize communication between brain cells. It affects virtually all processes in the brain.

4 - acai berry or bush

 These fruits help to solve many vision problems.

"These fruits improve memory and learning," she says. "These fruits contain flavonoids - elements that help blood flow to the brain. They also help simplify the transmission of information between brain cells."

According to her, eating the fruits of the acai berry fresh or frozen, helps to improve the work of the brain and memory.

She adds, and dried fruits and fruits also help to improve the work of the brain and memory: apricots, black plums and raisins. These substances also help to stabilize metabolic processes in the body and restore cognitive functions. But at the same time warns against excessive intake of these dried materials because they contain high calories.

The expert points out that you should drink water. Because water plays a key role in improving memory, in addition to it cleans the body and helps to stabilize the processes going on in it.

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