German WWII bunkers for sale

German WWII bunkers for sale

 German WWII bunkers for sale

German WWII

In a strange incident, private military bunkers used by the Nazis are offered for sale to those who want to acquire them, for $50,000, according to the "Sky News Arabia" website. and cannons.

These bunkers in Alderney were home to twenty officers and soldiers of the Third Reich, who invaded the Channel Islands during World War II. It was built sometime between 1942 and 1944.

The plot of land in the southwest of the island is for sale with real estate agents, who said it 
offered a rare opportunity to see World War II from a German perspective.

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According to details on the agency's website offering the bunkers for sale: "This historic open site represents the massive offensive actions carried out by the Germans during their occupation of Alderney during World War II."

He added, "The area overlooking the gannet rock in the southwest has just been cleared, revealing more bunkers interconnected by open trenches."

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