Scientific study: sleep enhances women's ambition

Scientific study: sleep enhances women's ambition

 Scientific study: sleep enhances women's ambition

Sleep enhances women's ambition

Sleep enhances women's ambition

A recent scientific study revealed a strange relationship between sleep and the promotion of ambition in women.

The study showed that women who sleep better are more ambitious than those who suffer from insomnia, interrupted sleep or poor sleep quality in general, according to the "Middle East" website, quoting the British newspaper, The Independent.

Researchers from Washington State University conducted a two-week survey to study how quality sleep affects women's and men's mood and career progression.

A total of 135 full-time male and female employees participated in the survey, where they were asked how many hours they slept, when they went to bed, and whether they suffered from insomnia or interrupted sleep.

The participants were also asked how they feel about taking on more responsibilities at work and what they aspire to in their professional field.

The results showed that women's ambition was strongly affected by lack of sleep at night, unlike men who did not show any effect on this matter.

The researchers pointed out that the reason for this may be due to the fact that women and men respond to emotions differently.

In general, men tend to keep their emotions in check, so they are often more adept at regulating their emotions and maintaining ambition, even on the days when they don't get enough sleep.

In contrast, women are often more sensitive and emotionally reactive to the daily changes that occur to them, and thus their mood is strongly influenced by factors such as lack of sleep.

The study's lead author, Leah Sheppard, explained that the findings may prompt women who seek to improve their job performance to improve the quality of their sleep.

"When women get a good night's sleep and their mood improves, they are more likely to aggressively pursue more responsibilities at work," she said.

The researchers advised women to pay attention to some daily habits that enhance sleep quality and mood, such as exercise and a healthy diet.

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