What happens when you drink milk tea on an empty stomach?

What happens when you drink milk tea on an empty stomach?

 What happens when you drink milk tea on an empty stomach?

milk tea

milk tea

Milk tea is one of the famous drinks that many people prefer, and experts advise against drinking milk tea on an empty stomach, due to several reasons.

People who drink milk tea first thing in the morning should keep in mind that their stomach is at its highest pH when they wake up.

 And when they drink milk tea on an empty stomach, it causes heartburn and an increase in cholesterol in the blood.

Doctors advise not to drink tea before bed either, because this causes a disturbance in the metabolic activities in the body, according to the "Times Now News" medical website.

Studies have indicated that the best time to drink milk tea is about 8 or 9 hours before bed. It is preferable to drink a cup of hot water with bee honey on an empty stomach to strengthen immunity, and then you can drink milk tea.

Some studies have also cautioned against drinking tea with milk because combining them together may hinder the absorption of essential nutrients in the body, such as iron and zinc, increasing the risk of malnutrition diseases, such as anemia.

According to the Sada El-Balad website, Dr. Ahmed Sabry, a nutrition and therapeutic obesity consultant in Egypt, presented some of the health damage caused by integrating tea with milk, which are..

Drinking milk tea in large quantities may cause constipation, because the theophylline in it, if its levels rise in the body, may cause dehydration, and with low fluid levels, the hardness of the stool increases and it is difficult to pass in the large intestine.

Tea also contains a compound called theophylline which has a drying effect and may cause constipation. After drinking tea or coffee, first thing in the morning, bacteria in the mouth break down sugar which increases acid levels in the mouth and can cause tooth enamel erosion and some people may feel Also, bloating in the morning after drinking tea or coffee made with milk.

Drinking milk alone at night enhances the ability to sleep, but by adding tea to it, it turns into a drink that causes insomnia, as a result of the caffeine it has gained.

Be careful not to drink tea with milk in large quantities, because its excess may cause an imbalance in the chemicals in the body and raise its temperature, which leads to the appearance of pimples on the face.

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